Parenting · PostPartum · Self-Love

What about me?! 

Feeding the children, bathing and dressing them, helping with homework, picking the kids up from school, completing household chores, cooking meals, and handling daily, professional responsibilities are just a few of the many responsibilities mothers balance on a daily basis. This laundry list of tasks, no pun intended, leaves very little time for you; however, self-care is essential! While you may be thinking, “I have no time!” you need to re-wire your brain into thinking, “Time can be found!” Moms, rejuvenating your soul is not only beneficial for your life but for your loved ones, too.These days, mothers are overwhelmed with advice, often unsolicited. We are continually being advised on what to do, and what not to do, including how to take care of ourselves. The amount of stress mamas feel can be overwhelming, and the last thing any woman needs is more worry or undeserved guilt; however, you must remember, even though you are a mother, you are still an individual – an individual with needs which deserve to be met just as much as everyone else’s! So, set aside time, every day, to do something to make you feel better. Yes, EVERY DAY! Do something that makes you feel happy and more like you. Moms are so busy raising their little ones and ensuring their babies are safe, happy, stimulated, and healthy, we often forget our own identities. If only for a few minutes, take the time to do something that the special person you are enjoys. Turn on the radio while you cook and blast your favorite song; enjoy a glass of wine at the evening’s end; browse the internet for a new pair of shoes; call a friend – it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, productive or not, as long as the time is dedicated to you in that very moment.

Unsure how to unwind or spend your free time? Has it been too long you actually forgot how to spend sacred alone time? Here are 10 ideas for you, mama!

1. Read a book (and sip on some soothing tea or coffee, too!)

2. Take a nap. Lord knows you could use a few extra zzz’s.

3. Browse the web. No shame in playing a little catch up via social media!

4. Take a candlelit bath.

5. Watch a movie.

6. Go for a walk.

7. Go shopping! That deserves an exclamation mark.

8. Listen to music.

9. Catch up with friends over a yummy dessert.

… And #10, my personal favorite,

10. Nothing. Do absolutely nothing. Sit in silence. Pray. Think. Daydream. Sit idly. Whatever! Silence is a beautiful thing. Soak it all in.

Cultivate balance within yourself, and free yourself of self-imposed pressures. Going to bed less stressed far outweighs the importance of a mopped floor. The floor can wait; your sanity cannot. You deserve to take a walk, revisit former hobbies, practice yoga, or spend time with any of your other passions because guilt does not belong in your life! Taking care of your mind, in turn, is valuing your baby’s spirit, too. If you are stressed and defeated, guess who feels the burden of your exhaustion? That’s right, your little one. Life is not perfect, but it sure is beautiful. Do not get caught up in the mundane routine of tasks that you forget to actually live! Your kids won’t remember the spotless kitchen you cleaned everyday; instead, they will remember their mother’s smile after she came home from a getting a fresh, new manicure. Your energy is infectious and you are deserving – and don’t forget it!


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