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We had the most amazing venue!!!! Sitting high above the city of Atlanta while we tackle our goals and plans for 2017!The energy is the room carried a contagious positive light!This is Portia who we had the honor of having to share her knowledge as a personal trainer and mom! She gave out the cutest gift bags that the girls loved!!! She challenged us to make health and fitness a lifestyle and gave us plenty of tips and tools to do so! This is Toi, our featured Life Coach! Toi is one of the best people I know, always willing to nuture and lead into the right direction. She coached us through the making of our boards by having us break our thought process into 4 parts.

•self-care/stress management

• self-esteem/ self worth affirmations

• health and wellness

• support systems 

Meet Trey!!!! He joined us as our financial advisor and shared a TON of knowledge! He told us about different programs and plans we can look into to build wealth and security for ourselves and our children! I’m certainly going to get a 529 plan for my girls!!!You can never go wrong with red velvet waffles and fried chicken! Meet Jasmine and Pren the mothers behind the brand!!!! We gifted our our mothers with a planner from mommaslittehelper! This is the best planner ever, geared toward all things MOM! Every page has a quote for us to reference about motherhood. We look forward to many more events, we can sit feeling accomplished knowing that every person involved left feeling inspired and empowered! Let’s tackle 2017 BAMS! 


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