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Look on the Bright side 

Life surely turns full circle and I am finding that things I was once ashamed of are now turning into positives. The statement “look on the bright side” has certainly proved itself true in my life.
I had my daughter when I was 19 years old, a fresh 19 being that I had her a month after my 19th birthday. I walked around embarrassed while people would look and judge. I would often think to myself; how am I going to manage this, will she be ashamed of me, society is ashamed of me, hell I am ashamed of me. Negative thoughts flooded my mind being that I felt as though I failed and became yet another member of the teen mom statistic.
Fast forward almost 9 years later; I have the most giving, smart, kind, loving, beautiful daughter I could have ever asked for. Yesterday she randomly said to me, “ Mommy I am happy you are a young mom, all of my friends parents are older.” I looked at her appalled and confused by where this came from. She then went on to say, “ Mommy you are 27 and that is cool because you are cool and fun and your bones and hips aren’t hurting!” She then gave me a hug and said “Mommy for you to be so young you have done a lot and I am proud of you.”
I share this with you all to say; what we may look at as a negative will always prove to be a positive in time. In my case the very baby I felt like I had failed actually appreciated me for the very thing I tortured myself for. She notices my efforts and is proud to call me her young (cool) mom. The bright side of my story is that my daughter is proud of me when I beat myself up about the very thing she appreciates today. I am not promoting teen pregnancy in this entry by any means; I am more so encouraging you all to push through any adversity you may feel controls you at the moment and understand that we are a resilient people who are meant to prevail. I am now a mommy to two beautiful girls and I wouldn’t change my story for the world. 
JasmineNikol (Bombassmom)


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