Dressing Your Child 

Many mothers will attest – dressing up your child is a fun perk of parenthood! Adorable outfits, funny graphic t-shirts, cute hair accessories, or cool sneakers – enjoyable luxuries mommies love to partake in for their kiddies; however, as the world becomes inundated with technology, hash tags, and “goal” posts, children are frequently being exposed to adulthood, earlier than ever before, through their parents’ fashion choices.
While some may adorn their children in adult-like outfits, and deem this cute or even humorous, dressing children in clothes that are not age appropriate is actually rather harmful – limits are pushed, boundaries are broken, and feelings of safety begin to deteriorate.
BAMs, what do you consider age appropriate, or inappropriate, for babies and children?
Fact: Children are not tiny adults. Yes, mommy-and-me photo shoots are positively adorable, but a clear line should be drawn when determining how to dress your daughter or son. Drawing back to the above-mentioned question: What do you consider age appropriate, or inappropriate, for children? Well, promoting sexuality is inappropriate. Clothing children in outfits they cannot move comfortably in is inappropriate. Clothing which exposes your child is inappropriate. When a child is restricted in movement or embarrassed by showing a level of skin they are not used to, parents have moved their child into a highly dangerous, uncomfortable zone.
Parents who choose to inappropriately dress their kids are placing their children at risk of self-objectification. What do you deem inappropriate for children? BAMs, do you feel as though social media encourages mothers to make children look physically appealing, seemingly sexy, at a young age? As children continue to grow, they discover their own sense of style, and while our kids may attempt to push limits, parents should be there to establish appropriateness; however, what about babies and toddlers who don’t have a sense of style, let alone a voice? The internet is flooded with one-year-olds wearing outfits mirroring their parents: skinny jeans, oversized sunglasses, tube tops, and even lipstick. Is this hilariously adorable or pushing the limit? Or, is society sexualizing the act of dressing up a child in fun clothing?
If a parent is vigilant in ensuring their child is safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy, should it matter what they’re wearing? Or do certain outfits contribute to the above mentioned constructs? BAMs, weigh in! What are your thoughts? What is appropriate or inappropriate in terms of children’s clothing? What are your boundaries and no-no’s? Share your take! 


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