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First my Mother, Forever my friend 

 May 7, 2017 Bombassmoms and Ladieswhobrunchatl collaborated and presented an evening on the skyline of Atlanta celebrating and nurturing the cherished relationship between mother and daughter! Adorned in white we listened to live jazz while enjoying a 3 course meal and beverage. We played games and had genuine emotion and interaction. From bingo to ice… Continue reading First my Mother, Forever my friend 


Dressing Your Child 

Many mothers will attest – dressing up your child is a fun perk of parenthood! Adorable outfits, funny graphic t-shirts, cute hair accessories, or cool sneakers – enjoyable luxuries mommies love to partake in for their kiddies; however, as the world becomes inundated with technology, hash tags, and “goal” posts, children are frequently being exposed… Continue reading Dressing Your Child 


Bomb Ass Bath Essentials 

We constantly talk about how important self-care and the importance of personal time; we want to share with you a few of our favorite bath time buddies!  It is possible to bring the spa home to give you the relaxing, away from it all experience.  So of course retreat to your bathroom and LOCK the… Continue reading Bomb Ass Bath Essentials 

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Look on the Bright side 

Life surely turns full circle and I am finding that things I was once ashamed of are now turning into positives. The statement “look on the bright side” has certainly proved itself true in my life. I had my daughter when I was 19 years old, a fresh 19 being that I had her a… Continue reading Look on the Bright side 

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We had the most amazing venue!!!! Sitting high above the city of Atlanta while we tackle our goals and plans for 2017!The energy is the room carried a contagious positive light!This is Portia who we had the honor of having to share her knowledge as a personal trainer and mom! She gave out the cutest… Continue reading #BAMVisionboardparty2017

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Moms can be healthy too!

Healthy eating is important, especially for new moms, having absolutely nothing to do with snapping back or other physical-related reasons. A new mama’s body is recovering from childbirth and needs a continual supply of vitamins and minerals to properly heal. And, perhaps you decided to breastfeed. In that case, your baby is relying on you… Continue reading Moms can be healthy too!