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We had the most amazing venue!!!! Sitting high above the city of Atlanta while we tackle our goals and plans for 2017!The energy is the room carried a contagious positive light!This is Portia who we had the honor of having to share her knowledge as a personal trainer and mom! She gave out the cutest… Continue reading #BAMVisionboardparty2017

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Moms can be healthy too!

Healthy eating is important, especially for new moms, having absolutely nothing to do with snapping back or other physical-related reasons. A new mama’s body is recovering from childbirth and needs a continual supply of vitamins and minerals to properly heal. And, perhaps you decided to breastfeed. In that case, your baby is relying on you… Continue reading Moms can be healthy too!

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Snapping Back

Mamas, Birthing a healthy baby is undoubtedly a parent’s number one priority while the bun is in the oven. Ten fingers, ten toes, five senses, and working limbs – all a parent could ever hope for when their child graces the world with their presence. Then, we give birth, and our bodies belong to ourselves… Continue reading Snapping Back