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What about me?! 

Feeding the children, bathing and dressing them, helping with homework, picking the kids up from school, completing household chores, cooking meals, and handling daily, professional responsibilities are just a few of the many responsibilities mothers balance on a daily basis. This laundry list of tasks, no pun intended, leaves very little time for you; however,… Continue reading What about me?! 

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My work/baby experience 

I remember very vividly the moment I found out I was pregnant. After I prayed, processed, and accepted the fact that I was having a baby, I became overwhelmed with joy!! I couldn’t believe it…I was having a baby!! I then began to think about all the things my boyfriend and I had to do… Continue reading My work/baby experience 

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Cultural December Fun

When most of us think of December holidays, Christmas typically comes to mind. We envision Christmas trees, a birthday celebration for Jesus, pictures with Santa, and a slew of other Christmas-related things; however, there are many other holidays celebrated during the month of December, and in an effort to raise mindful, loving, accepting children, we… Continue reading Cultural December Fun

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Snapping Back

Mamas, Birthing a healthy baby is undoubtedly a parent’s number one priority while the bun is in the oven. Ten fingers, ten toes, five senses, and working limbs – all a parent could ever hope for when their child graces the world with their presence. Then, we give birth, and our bodies belong to ourselves… Continue reading Snapping Back

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Surviving the Holiday Shopping Season

*Singing* “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Well, for some parents, the holidays are the most dreaded time of the year, financially speaking. According to the National Retail Federation, the average holiday shopper spends $750 on Christmas presents. That’s a lot of dough! The truth of the matter is, not everyone has a disposable… Continue reading Surviving the Holiday Shopping Season


Traveling with a Baby 101

I remember the first time I traveled alone with Sloan. She was five months old, and I had decided to start a “mommy and me” yearly trip ritual after finding a steal-of-a-ticket to Milan, Italy. My nerves were through the roof though! The idea of traveling without my husband to an entirely new country was… Continue reading Traveling with a Baby 101